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Before we get started on Xbox Live Games with Gold, lets talk about how us Xbox owners have it pretty good at the moment. The Xbox one X is officially the most powerful console ever released. We are now able to play backwards compatible games from the original Xbox. Games like Crimson Skies, Grabbed by the Ghouls and Black can all be played by putting in your old discs. Epic.

Now to the point of the article! The new Xbox Live games with gold we have been given for having a Gold subscription. TrackMania Turbo, Tales from the Borderlands and the Xbox 360 game Deadfall Adventures.

TrackMania Turbo

Xbox Live Games with Gold - Trackmania Turbo

What a game. I’ve always been a bit of a TrackMania sceptic to be fair. I’ve seen pro’s play it near perfectly and i’ve always thought, ‘nope, not for me.’ But that’s when I assumed it was all online and assumed it was the most difficult game ever. Not so! Yes, it is actually very difficult, but it’s accessible for all in the career mode. If you want to blast through the game and get your bronze medals to progress, guess what? You can. If you want to try and get gold on every level, keep improving your time on each track, guess what? You can. If you want to get super obsessed, play each level to the point where you’re top 100 in the global leaderboards then you guessed it. You can!

On a scale of 1- super frustrating this game is super frustrating. There are times where you feel like you’re doing the exact same move, but the slightest tilt or fraction more oversteer will find you hitting a side and losing all of that valuable momentum. Online is fun too. There is one thing i found whilst playing online; people are good. Very good. I’d stick to solo on career before finding your way online! But there are hours and hours of gameplay to be found within and it’s port over from PC is certainly a triumph in my estimation.

 4.5 / 5 Stars


Tales from the Borderlands (Episodes 1-5)

Xbox Live Games with Gold - Tales from Borderlands

I’m a bit of a fan of the TellTale series. Well.. Was. They seem to be producing the same thing in each spin off. Give you the option to change the result, but really you haven’t changed anything and it will always angle towards a similar outcome. It’s an interactive story and well, I like stories so, count me in!

It starts with your character getting elbowed and knocked out, getting dragged through the desert. A few flashbacks, character switches, intense conversations and negotiations later you find things escalating out of control. Give it time though because the first two chapters can be slow to begin with. I recommend watching/playing with somebody else in the room as well. Communal gaming is always a winner in my eyes!

 3/5 Stars


Deadfall Adventures

Xbox Live Games with Gold - Deadfall Adventures

It was hit pretty hard by critics when it was originally released on the 360, and looking at the meteoritic scores … it’s still not done very well. I’d literally never heard of this title before. I always find new games interesting however and this is no different. Set in ancient Egypt you’re hired to escort an attractive young lady through some ruins, and find some treasures along the way.

The dialogue is nice – the characters appear to have a bit of charm. So why so much hate? It’s a mix of the graphics and the controls which really hampers this game. It’s extremely frustrating when getting in to any firefight to have no ability to adjust your right analogues sensitivity. It’s far too high. This makes all of the gun battles a battle with the controls rather than the AI.

What it suffers with mostly is frame drops and screen tearing in low lights (which is half the game as it’s set in different tombs along the way). The mini puzzles are actually quite fun and borrows the little handbook feature from Uncharted 2 (or maybe Uncharted lifted it from this?). It literally hurts my eyes in places which takes you out of the moment, and therefore makes you dis-interested in the game.

On the plus side, complete the game and you’re likely to rack up a lot of gamerscore, for those of you who are in to that sort of thing.

It’s a shame it’s so ugly because the puzzle / story side of the game is actually fairly interesting, but it becomes almost unplayable when there is more happening on the screen.

 2/5 stars


Xbox Live Games with Gold Summary

For £40 a year you get a lot of games to reward your loyal service. A more than fair deal, and as always, I look forward to hearing the new line up of Xbox live games with gold when they are released. Happy gaming everyone! @needorgreedgaming

Founder & Director of cLn Gaming.

A history in competitive gaming in Counter Strike and Fifa.

I love games. They are nice. Here 2 win. @needorgreedgaming


Founder & Director of cLn Gaming. A history in competitive gaming in Counter Strike and Fifa. I love games. They are nice. Here 2 win. @needorgreedgaming

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