What makes Overwatch so good?

Overwatch is an upcoming class based FPS game for PC and Console, think Team fortress 2 meets League of Legends. This is a game that I instantly knew I was going to love as soon as I saw the announcement trailers, and having been able to finally get my hands on a beta copy I’m so glad that I was right. Every moment I played I was finding something new and getting excited to be able to play this with my friends, but what is it that makes Overwatch stand out from the crowd?



Like certain other shooters out on the market, Overwatch has made it abundantly clear that the main selling point of the game is the 21 unique classes you can play as. This is nothing ground breaking of new, but it is a concept that has been polished to a mirror shine. The different classes in Overwatch are so unique in fact, that I am using this to sell the game to my non FPS playing friends.

Every single character feels like you are playing a different FPS. Do you enjoy tactical, assault rifle type games? Why not try playing Solider 76. Do you miss the days of Unreal and Quake? Give Pharah a try? Are you just a terrible aim and want to jump in the enemies face instead? That’s fine, you’ll love Winston.

The fact that each character is so different from each other is utterly fantastic, and there are just so many to chose from that you’ll always be able to find someone who fits your current teams set-up, and helps combat the enemy.

Unlike to many games these days, Overwatch is going to be a full package, no DLC locked characters or unlock checkpoints. After going and buying the game you;ll instantly have access to all 21 characters, and can freely switch between them before and during a match. You are free to play the game you want right away.



‘That’s a lot of characters, but that’s nothing special’ – I hear you cry! Well, that would be cool enough on its own, but each character also comes with a couple of unique abilities. Mostly activated via Shift, E, Mouse Clicks or a combination of all 3, each character also has a set of unique abilities that can be used to help turn the tide of battle. Think MOBA style games where each character has unique low cooldown abilities and you start getting the picture.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you were playing a sniper who could set traps and gain higher ground with a grappling hook? Or maybe a hammer wielding tank with a charge and a power shield? Well, Overwatch does this and more. It takes a bit of getting used to but once you get your head around each characters abilities, you’ll be having a blast even if you usually hate FPS games!

But wait, there’s more!



This is where the real MOBA-esqe feel kicks in. If having awesome abilities wasn’t enough, how about each character having an awesome, mega ability that charges over the course of the game, and increases with you doing damage? We got you covered there, as each character has their own Q ability, most of which enabling you to perform, set-up, or enable sweet multi kills that will make you feel like a complete bad-ass when pulled off correctly.

Again, these take some getting used to, but once you know exactly when and where to use each characters abilities, you’ll find that without being great at FPS games you can make a huge impact on the game (and if you are in fact good at FPS games, you can probably pull off a whole team kill with your ultimate!)

Try Overwatch out!


Hopefully, I’ve helped convince you or your non-FPS playing friends to give Overwatch a look. If I have, great, if i hgaven’t maybe you should try it for yourself before making a judgement. There’s a free open beta test coming up that will let you try it out for yourselves, so you can see for yourself how good of a game this is.

All you need to do now is put up with Tracers crappy British accent that she borrowed from Dick van Dyke, ah well…

Cheers Luv! Cavalrys ‘Ere!


PC and Board Game Wizard.
Born in the forest and raised by squirrels.
Father to a murdered wife, Husband to a murdered son.
Time Travel World Champion 2052-2053 Season.


PC and Board Game Wizard. Born in the forest and raised by squirrels. Father to a murdered wife, Husband to a murdered son. Time Travel World Champion 2052-2053 Season.

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