Stardew Valley: 15 Beginner Tips

Or things I wish I’d known at the start of playing Stardew Valley!

Stardew Valley is a PC game that’s off to a great start and is quickly becoming a favourite of many PC gamers. I’ve been addicted to the game for the past few days (just ONE more day…) and thought I’d share some tips to help you on your farming journey as there’s a lot to grasp and every little helps.

1: Fish for cash

Stardew Valley Beginner Tips Fishing
Fishing for seagulls is optional…

You can get different fish from different bodies of water so make sure you fish at the ocean, river, forest river, forest pond,  pond near the mines and in the mines themselves.

Don’t forget that different circumstances affect what kind of fish you get too, i.e. time of day (morning, afternoon, night), if it’s raining or the season.

2: Making the most of crops

Best crops for profit:
Berries are great as you get multiple berries per yield and you don’t have to replant – yay berries!
Spring: Cauliflower
Summer: Blueberries
Autumn: Cranberries
Winter: No crops, make sure you’re prepped with animal products and processing by your first winter.
Its also nice to save at least 2 other veg/fruit/flowers for community center/bulletin posts/gifts.

Crops die at end of season
It’s fairly obvious now I think about it but I didn’t realise on my first play that crops all die at the end of season (except Corn which lasts both Summer/Autumn). So keep an eye on how long your crops take to grow and plan ahead, keep in mind each month is 28 days.

3: Pause when thinking

If you have any downtime at all where you need to figure out anything, remember to pause the game. The clock keeps ticking when your un-paused, regardless of whether you’re doing anything.

4: Hoard things

Once you unlock all the room challenges at the community center you will need a lot of different items, so hang on to at least one of each item if you can until you know everything that you will need. Chests come in handy here!

In autumn you will have an event where you do a grange display of 9 items in which you will need different types of quality items, so save your gold star items for that. (I included: 1x artisan goods, 1x resource, 1x foraging, 1x fruit, 1x flower, 1x monster loot, 1x gem, 1x animal product, 1x cooking)

5: Watch TV

Stardew Valley Beginner Tips Watch TV

There are 4 shows on the TV and they all have their uses.

Weather Forecast: Handy to find out if it’s going to rain the next day so you can plan a mine trip with the extra energy you’ll have from not watering crops. You also get rarer finds both fishing and mining on rainy days so make the most of it.
Fortune Teller: I tend to try to go mining or fishing when my fortune is good and general errands/wood chopping when bad but don’t let it move your plans too much.
Queen of Sauce: Great for learning recipes, these don’t unlock until you have your kitchen (in 1st house upgrade) but they save until you have unlocked it.
Livin’ Off the Land: Great for general handy tips.

6: Don’t stay out past your bedtime

Once the clock gets to 12am it’s time to get running home (or earlier preferably!) as when it gets to 2am your character passes out and you get a hefty fine from the doctor (or theives!)  and sometimes less energy the next day.

7: Store your tools

Once you’ve finished watering crops at the beginning of the day, put your watering can in a chest to save inventory room for your fish/foraging/mining products (and the same for other tools that you don’t need for the day).

8: Buy backpack upgrade

You soon get full whilst fishing or mining in Stardew Valley so make sure you snap up that backpack upgrade at Pierre’s General Store. It was my first big purchase of the game. The backpack upgrade can be found on the right of the counter, not through Pierre.

9: Mine – Take Field Snacks

You’re inevitably going to run out of energy in the mine at the start, and you need to clear 5 levels per time to save your progress so it’s important to last ’til then. You can craft Field Snacks (when unlocked) which are 1x Acorn, 1x Maple Seed and 1x Pinecone so they’re a fairly cheap snack to make. You can get the items from chopping trees or even just clicking on trees to shake them.

You can also build stone staircases (99 stone) if you have a surplus of stone to help go down a level in the mine.

10: Buy a silo before you get a coop

When you buy your coop for your chickens you need hay to feed them.  Unfortunately you can’t gather hay until you build a silo (unless you buy it from Marnie at 50g a pop!). So it’s only logical that you need to build a silo first before you build a coop unless you want to make a loss on your egg profits.

11: Repair the beach bridge

Stardew Valley Beginner Tips Repair Beach Bridge

It’s 300 wood to repair the bridge by Elliott’s hut on the beach which isn’t cheap but it’s worth it for the cash you earn from selling the coral on the other side. It’s a nice cash boost for your first spring and you can keep checking in to sell the coral that re-spawns.

12: Check the notice board

You can get extra quests off the notice board to make some extra cash. Weigh up if it’s worth it though as some quests pay abysmally. These are also a good way to help with making friends.

You can also see upcoming events and birthdays on the calendar here, if you give gifts to people on their birthday you get extra heart points so that’s handy.

13: Use fertiliser

Keep the sap you get from chopping trees (for your bridge repair or makings chests etc.) and use it to craft fertiliser when you can. This will increase the quality (and thus profit) of your crops.

Eventually you can make Speed-Gro fertiliser which makes your crops grow an extra 10% quicker which is handy for those end of season crops, but in general stick to quality.

14: Spa is great for chopping wood or prepping for mine

At the start of your first summer you unlock the spa by the train station. Here swimming will increase your energy for free (apart from the time it takes) which is handy to recover for a mine or to get some energy for chopping trees.

15: Extra artifacts!

Stardew Valley Beginner Tips Worm Artefacts

Finding artifacts is a great way to get rewards at the Library and satisfying to see your collection grow. You can get them from mining or fishing but also note that if you see the wiggly worms around that you can hit them with your hoe for a chance to get artifacts (and also ore/clay which is also handy).




This tip is widely known and mentioned on lots of Stardew Valley guides and steam etc. but is important enough to re-iterate here – Turn on tool hit location in settings (under escape menu). This will help immensely when you’re starting off, especially for watering plants.

I like a range of game genres, my favourites being RPGs, sims and visual novels.

I mostly play PC games with the occasional mobile game too.


I like a range of game genres, my favourites being RPGs, sims and visual novels. I mostly play PC games with the occasional mobile game too.

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