The 6 Most Overrated Video Games of All Time

What is the most overrated game of all time? This list may divide opinion, so let’s just jump straight in!

6. Grand Theft Auto

As a series it has to be one of the most overrated titles in the history of gaming. It has had successes with GTA Vice City and GTA 5, but the rest has been a mixed bag. The first GTA is a top down game where you can hijack cars and kill people.. Besides that is there really a lot else going on? The rest of the series follows this same formula only it ditches the top down look (apart from chinatown wars on DS) for the 3d 3rd person view. It is in essence – a game for chavs who don’t really ‘game’, so they can boast to their 14 year old girlfriends about how ‘G’ they are and how many people they mowed down whilst driving their stolen Cadillac all from the comfort of their mothers council house, with a tin of special brew in hand and some weed stolen from his older brothers bedroom.

Overrated games - Grand Theft AutoGrand Theft Auto V – Image courtesy of Videogame Photography

5. Titanfall

Titanfall promised so much. You can either roam around shooting or get in a huge mech and kill people that way. What could actually go wrong? Everything. If you are like me – you read the reviews, you read what people in the business are saying about games. Generally they are fair and give an honest opinion about what to expect. This was so over hyped you would’ve thought this was THE game to put the Xbox One on the map. It wasn’t. It’s now in every bargain bucket, sale, give away  imaginable. There are people with literally 0 games in their game library who volunteer not to take this game for free it’s that average. If teachers need anything to encourage children to stay in school and read it’ll be this game as it inspires nobody to procrastinate.

Overrated Games - TItanfallTitanfall – Image courtesy of Lalootre

4. Crysis

This game promised so much. I had heard about it after coming in from football training whilst at University (soccer to those in America) ‘Look at the graphics, this is amazing’ I was told. Oh now this has my attention. I had a pretty solid PC at the time and i was hoping it was up to scratch. It turned out on medium it looked quite nice in fairness! Great! Oh yeah, I forgot. Games aren’t just things to look at. It has to actually offer something within the game to keep you hooked, entertained, something.. So you have a cool suit, and this makes you ridiculously OP (over powered) when used, or extremely vulnerable to anything when not used. This seems on the surface like a good idea. This is different. This is good? No. After 30 minutes or so you realise this could have any name it was as generic as the next one designed to suck money out of wallets of unsuspecting fools. Myself included.

Overrated Games - CrysisCrysis – Image courtesy of SobControllers

3. Brink

Where can you start with this game? Again it came along with all of the hype in the world and actually looked like a game changer. Resistance and Security are the name of the factions who literally hate each other and fight in the floating city called the Ark. You and your group fight in team battles to win. Great. There are classes, medic, soldiers operatives etc. It sounds VERY done before. It was over before it began and those who unfortunately bought it were telling their friends not to buy it and it died a very quick and sad death. The build up for the game was extremely nice though and as a marketing campaign this succeeded, as a game however it failed worse than Johnny Depp’s ‘Mortdecai’ did at the cinema. Some of you are probably wondering.. What is Mortdecai I don’t think i’ve heard of it? It’s because it’s been covered up by Hollywood as it doesn’t want anyone to see how bad it is. In all fairness it’s a mixed bag if people played it then meh, it’s OK. As they don’t – it’s a steaming pile.

Overrated games - BrinkBrink – Image courtesy of Barbara Williams2010

2. Fallout

Now this isn’t in reference to Fallout 4 as I have yet to play it – and I have only heard good things about that mind – but fallout has always been one of those games which has been loved by many for years. Not me. If I want to play a game where I have the option to shoot people, I want the focus to be on my skill with my reactions. The slowing down phase in Fallout grinds on me. You can choose which parts to shoot out in slow motion? Where is the fun in that? It’s a game which trudges along from quest to quest .. slowly but surely ensuring you are bored out of your mind by the end. Fallout 3 being the worst of the lot. Overrated doesn’t cut it. This game won so many game of the year awards it almost wasn’t able to fit them all on to the cover of it’s Game of the Year edition release. Must have been a bad year for games.

Overrated Games - FalloutFallout 3 – Image courtesy of Rob Obsidian

1.League of Legends

As a competitive gamer myself I should, at the very least, appreciate this game. I do not however. This is a game which has completely taken off and put competitive gaming on the map. Hundreds and thousands of people tune in to watch the new style of competitive game – the MOBA. The idea is that you click to move, click to attack, and press up to 5 different buttons for skills. There is obviously a lot of skill required to play this game, however it is extremely boring. Extremely boring to play, watch, get involved in, talk about, listen to.. The list goes on i’m sure. Yes there are going to be thousands of people who disagree but when a game makes its money from micro transactions (this translates to idiots buying different costumes for their characters) then it’s just a marketing tool and no longer what a game should be about – to explore, to master the mechanics, to enjoy what the game has to unlock. It’s literally the same every single game. Same map, same 5v5 concept, same builds for each character. It get’s boring after about 2 hours of playing. Number 1 most overrated game of all time right here.

Overated Games - League of LegendsLeague of Legends – Image courtesy of

This is just my opinion – i’m sure a lot of you will disagree & have many of your own you’d like to share! Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @clnraiden.



Founder & Director of cLn Gaming.

A history in competitive gaming in Counter Strike and Fifa.

I love games. They are nice. Here 2 win. @needorgreedgaming


Founder & Director of cLn Gaming. A history in competitive gaming in Counter Strike and Fifa. I love games. They are nice. Here 2 win. @needorgreedgaming

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