How to improve your game on Counter Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO)

My name is Raiden^ and I have been playing Counter Strike since 2003, i’ve managed to make it near to the top on CS:GO – and you can too.

If you’re at a certain level and not 100% sure how to get better, you’re through to the right place! I can help you get better. Just follows these step by step guides to make your way to the top in CS:GO.

Stop Watching and Start Playing!

Ever find yourself on a stream watching the pro’s duke it out? 3 hours later it’s bed time and you actually haven’t gamed at all. The best thing to do is constructively watch something for 20/30 minutes and then play the game. Implement what you saw in that video in to your own game. For Example I saw Olofmeister (Pro player on team Fnatic) on de_dust2 holding a spot on A long and instead of watching the rest of the game, I instantly loaded up my CS:GO and did exactly the same thing for 3 or 4 games, to try and practice what I had seen. It’s genuinely the best way to improve. If there are special championships on then it might be an idea to use that particular weekend to see what people are doing – tactics wise it is cheeky, but these teams have hundreds of different plays and different styles on show for everybody to see. Why not pick some of them up for your own team? Or try and use them in game? There are only so many SMG B rush’s one can take in solo match making!

Practice Practice Practice.

No matter what, the only way to get good on CS:GO is to put in the hours. I don’t care who you are – if you play 3000 hours on any game you are going to hit a certain level which is better than the average. If playing by yourself i definitely recommend the deathmatch game mode – FFA is great too – as this will help hone your aim skills. It means you have the chance to shoot hundreds of enemies within a shorter amount of time which is the quickest and most efficient way to improve your game. Your reactions will speed up and flicking to peoples heads will become second nature. If you have time i also recommend making sure you jump in to a deathmatch server for 10 minutes before every clan match you embark upon. Reason? This warms you up! If you’ve not been on all day there is no point in starting a game cold. It will take a good 5-10 rounds to get in to the game and by then it may already be too late.

Another great form of practice is one of the downloadable maps training_aim_csgo2 is one which is found in the steam workshop here and is generally a bit of a game changer to how you control your aim. Try to aim for 22/25 as a minimum before moving on to a different difficulty. On the left hand side of the screenshot you can see the green wall board – it’s here you can have the dot move randomly, quicker, have the dot bigger or smaller and generally control how you want to practice. Sorted.



Healthy Body, Healthy Mind.

Now this goes without saying but keep your body healthy. CS:GO is a very demanding game on the wrists (loads of flicks with AWP & AK) so it’s best to keep yourself in shape. Going to the gym is obviously the main aim, however if you’re not one to venture out try buying a set of dumb bells and just work out at home. This is key to getting on top of your game. When you work out it releases positive endorphin’s in to your brain, which actually make you happier. This game can be extremely frustrating at times and the only way to keep on top of that frustration is to let it out with a work out. There is an excellent article about this here which every gamer should follow as it relates the mind to a work out. So get up from your desk and dedicate some time to it! Do what you can at first, if that’s 45 minutes great, if it’s only 10 minutes, no bother. Something is better than nothing. Once you’ve worked out a few times you genuinely get in to a rhythm and find yourself dedicated to increasing your mental and physical awareness. Plus who said a good looking body is a bad thing?

Once you have the correct temperament to play the game then you can exceed. It’s all about calling the correct strategies at the correct times. It’s also about keeping calm when the chips are down. If you think you are going to lose when it’s 14-13 to the opponent; then you will. You need to think positively and talk positively to your team mates which coincides nicely to the next part of this article!

Work WITH your team-mates.

This one is ridiculous right. It should go without saying however there is a horrendous side to CS:GO and that’s the community. In fairness a lot of players are really great and are just like you – they want to get better. Some however are there to ruin it for the rest of us. Whether that be spamming the mic in game, or team killing, or my pet hate (even worse than team killing) typing in chat exactly where you are giving your position away. Do not be like one of these people. You are better than that.

Instead why not try to be a positive influence on your team, and thus have a positive impact on the rest of the game. If your team mate does something good e.g well placed smoke, opening kill or generally does a good play – compliment him. No that’s not lame, that’s helpful and important because once you build up that friendship that person will try harder, and that will motivate the rest of the team to do better. Slamming somebody and calling them a ‘loser n00b scrub’ is counter intuitive. Save that for the opposite team where at half time and full time you can chat rubbish. If you’re playing competitive though in a league or tournament I would 100% advise against this and only play well mannered – it stands you and your clan in good stead which is a huge thing if you’re looking to stick around.

Find a team in CS:GO

It’s one of the best feelings to be fair, to be part of a team or an organisation. There are hundreds of teams out there no matter what your skill level, if you’re a low skilled player who knows there are limitations in your game, look for a community clan/team. If you’re a a little bit higher skilled then why not join a team looking to compete. You can find hundreds of teams on different sites. Here at ESL you are able to look at all of the clans listed on the site. These will all be pretty high skilled though so seek out one of these clans at your peril!

Another way to find a team is to play competitive 5v5 match-making and look out for the people with tags on. Play well yourself, look who else plays well and see if you can continue playing with that person. They will probably know someone or a team and you can get in that way. This is an early form of networking. For those of you looking to get in to the world of work this will provide you valuable experience in networking and how to go about it. Be polite, be positive and go for it!

Something else to note: A lot of people starting out in new clans can be over confident too soon – be respectful of what other people have built, and look to be a positive influence on that. You can use that experience and how you helped that particular clan grown in your application for your next clan you look for.

Never Give Up

It is so easy to give up. You have a negative kill/death ratio. Your awp shots are missing. You can’t hold a bombsite. Everybody has that feeling, everybody has that night. You will not wake up the best player in the world you have to push yourself. Every round should be treated as practice or training, or what’s the point in playing at all? You’re here to better yourself and better your skill. If you want to be good at CS:GO you can be. If you want to compete at gaming tournaments across the world. You can. It’s as much a game of skill with keyboard and mouse as it is a mental competition.

When the chips are down and it’s 1v4. Don’t ever think you can’t. Always think you can. This video below is on Nuke. It’s down to me to hold the round – USP in hand. It’s a mixture of luck, practice and the ability to believe I can do it.


Founder & Director of cLn Gaming.

A history in competitive gaming in Counter Strike and Fifa.

I love games. They are nice. Here 2 win. @needorgreedgaming


Founder & Director of cLn Gaming. A history in competitive gaming in Counter Strike and Fifa. I love games. They are nice. Here 2 win. @needorgreedgaming

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