Farm for Your Life – Beginners Guide

Farm for your Life is a time management game which combines farming, zombies (tower defence tactics) and a restaurant simulator. No I’m not joking. I was looking at recommendations for games along the lines of Stardew Valley and stumbled upon this gem, and if you like farming casual games then I highly recommend it. I spent about 14 hours playing through the storymode game so weigh up if that amount of time is worth the cost.

Anyway, let’s assume you bought the game – yay! Now what? Here’s a quick beginners guide to give you the basic info across the board as well as some tips.


WASD to move camera.

Use left/right click for actions/moving, right click drops an item down. Right click on tasks at the upper left to cancel a task.

1-4 are hotkeys for tools, but I never used them as it normally auto selects tools just fine.

Who dat:

Farm for your life Mechant Farm for your life Crafter

Buy general goods and new recipes from the merchant. Go talk to them at the start of the game after the first tutorial bits.

Buy general upgrades from the crafter (weapons, restaurant, new crates etc)

(Looks of the characters may differ from my screenshots, but location is the same)

Into the Woods:

Farm for your life Wood Chop

You can enter the woods from all 4 entrances on the map. Here you can find wood/stone which replenishes so you’ll never run out.

You lose half of your collected resources in the woods if a zombie reaches you. You can kite them around for the most part though, but sometimes you do get unluckly.

Right click on an action in your queue to cancel it. This is helpful when you’re chopping wood and need to cancel just before a zombie reaches you.

Let your light go ahead of you – especially on tight passageways. It’s always typical that you’ll bump into a zombie there before you can cancel your move.


Farm for your life Restaurant

First thing to get going with the restaurant is to clear out the rocks in the stone building and then talk to the crafter outside to get the basic equipment. Once you’ve learnt your first recipe you can get some seats so that customers can come and eat – and then just keep expanding!

If you find yourself running out of plates/cups then you can swap out the trade items in customers offers, some have cups or plates so make that a priority. You can always add corn/other items on your side to balance the trade.

Speaking of balancing the trade, note that customers will accept a deal with the scales tipped slightly out of their favour, unlike the merchant, so rinse them for all they’re worth!

TIP: Once you get the juice machines get juices made ready in advance before the customers come and keep one ready as much as you can.

Learning new recipes for your restaurant initiates the fruit ninja game. Slice the correct fruit to get them to fall into the water, the faster you get them the higher the star rating of the recipe and the less time it will take to cook.

TIP: If fruit come in from the left then slice diagonally down on it towards the left corner above the pot (and reverse for the other side)

Farm for your life Worker Fruit-Ninja-New-Recipe-Tips


Farm for your life Alt Click
Alt click to see all your crops health

Using fertiliser on plants fills up the bar regardless of how low it is so don’t waste it – plants have an icon above them when they are getting too low. Press the alt button to see all plant health bars, great for seeing what needs fertilising the most.

Save space for sprinklers. You won’t be able to afford them at the start but save a gap in the middle of a 3×3 grid to place it later. I didn’t both with the bigger sprinklers until I expanded across the bridge (too expensive).

TIP: You can talk to plants to help them grow faster. Just click on them and you’ll see the happy faces float up. This won’t be super useful towards the end game but might help you get the edge at the start.


Farm for your life Tower Defence

At the beginning throwing corn at zombies is all you can do but as you grow you can buy defence turrets from the crafter. Stone throwing slingshots will be your first affordable purchase, then corn cannons a little later (I found no reason for getting the other upgraded ones). You can use fences to make a mini “maze” at all four entrances to the woods to delay the zombies and give you more time to go throw things or for the defence turrets to do their job.

I ended up with 2 corn cannons and 2 slingshots on each entrance (though I combined the 2 north entrances)

TIP: You can move the wood wagon around the map to help speed up fence building.


Workers will show up as you expand to offer their help in exchange for a place to stay (a tent from the crafter) and some food. You can click on them to reassign them to either help at the fields or the restaurant.

TIP: To save yourself from having to feed the workers every night, block off the tent entrances.

Farm for your life Worker No Feed

And that’s it for my beginner guide for Farm for your Life. It’s a lovely fun game to eat through a few hours and I hope you enjoy. Now back to waiting for the Stardew Valley update…


I like a range of game genres, my favourites being RPGs, sims and visual novels.

I mostly play PC games with the occasional mobile game too.


I like a range of game genres, my favourites being RPGs, sims and visual novels. I mostly play PC games with the occasional mobile game too.

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