Dungeon of the Endless 14 Tips

So, I don’t claim to be a pro at Dungeon of the Endless, but I’ve sunk some hours into it now and I’ve been having relative success while I stick to the below. Managed to complete the game several times now which is nice. However at the moment I’m trying to not stick to these anymore as its making the game feel rather repetitive. I’m hoping to find some completely different approaches to add a new challenge to the game again. But never the less, these should help you get through the game!

  • Avoid using industry on levels 1-5 except to build food modules. These need to be your absolute priority as you’ll need a very very healthy stack of food for those later levels and waves!
  • Don’t bother researching autodoc unless the game presents you with nothing better. Its only good on the early levels and for fall back rooms. The BioOrganic is far more efficient at healing you, and lets you stay in the fight longer. Ultimately this saves you industry as having a fall back room can lead to the loss of modules.
  • As soon as you can research tear gas do it! Whenever you can upgrade it do it. If you have a choice between Food Module 4 or tear gas 3, take the tear gas.
  • Next you want to research Seblasters and Neuros. Stick a tear gas, a Neuro and then as many Seblasters as you can in a room and not much will make it out the other side.
  • When picking a character worry less about the DPS of the character and more about the health and DPS. Generally anyone can get good DPS with drops and purchases from merchants, but its hard to make up a shortfall of low class HP and defense. Elise for me so far seems to be one of the strongest picks for a team at the moment.
  • Remember that your characters can be used to block enemy spawning in rooms that you can’t power. This can easily give you escapes on the earlier floors without the need of using food for heals or industry on defense.
  • I’ve found that generally you want to rush to the exit unless your doing really well on dust. If you can safely continue to explore then by all means go for it. But if you hit a stage where you’re spending food on heals its time to move on. Food is top priority!
  • Don’t use level ups for base stats. Its pretty wasted as items can make up the difference for a lower investment. Instead level characters with useful skills. So someone with Operate should take top priority.
  • Get operate as soon as possible!
  • Don’t be afraid to spam your skills. More importantly don’t be afraid to spam the cooldown reset. The cooldown reset only costs science, and once you’ve got some decent foundations from the early levels it really starts to tail off in usefulness. Your skills however, do not. If your skills are never on cooldown you need to use them more!
  • When you take the crystal, all the remaining doors open and you’ll have noticed that those doors opening don’t give you resources. However! It does count as a turn and resets your skill cooldowns as waves spawn and doors open. I’ve managed to use a skill 4 times on a floor running to the exit with this. Keep your eyes open for it.
  • General team setup for me is 2 operators, a fast runner and someone for some DPS. Level the operators as fast as possible and stick them in rooms with major modules.
  • Wit! OMG WIT! Stack it on your operators, the bonuses it provides when you really crank it up is insane when they operate a major module. Wit > DPS.
  • The shop isn’t crap. Actually, its pretty decent. If you find a merchant, build a shop. 1/10 of your total wit (total of all characters) is rounded up and added to total dust generation per turn. In the later levels this is a life saver as it really helps light as many rooms as possible. This was a turning point for me, I was struggling around wave 10 as I had so many unlit rooms I got murdered. The shop really changed that for me. It relies on the RNG gods to spawn a merchant, but when it does…

Hopefully these tips help you complete your first dungeon! I’m working on some new ways but I pretty consistently beat the game with these. I’m also working on ways of getting through some of the harder ships. I’ve got to level 11 on the medical ship so I’m close! The medical ship is lovely and you don’t heal at the end of combat. But you get a health regen bonus which I’m trying to capitalise on.

Happy dungeon crawling!
Dungeon of the Endless 14 Tips

I like games. But I’m picky these days. I love great story telling, or a game that provides a challenge. Preferably both. Moved away from competitive gaming recently as I prefer to focus my time on the above.


I like games. But I'm picky these days. I love great story telling, or a game that provides a challenge. Preferably both. Moved away from competitive gaming recently as I prefer to focus my time on the above.

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