Diary of a Bad Gamer: Community and Friends

It’s strange how going through life and through games you gain and lose friends all the time. You also find yourself becoming part of communities a D&D party, a guild or a sports team. Through my time I have made a good number of gaming friends, from a large range of sources especially in the gaming communities I love it!

I personally find a balance between gaming friends and none gaming friends an interesting part of my life, this is mainly because of my own varied interests. I have friends from Airsoft (Look it up if you don’t know what it is) and friends through work who aren’t gamers. This for me is an odd concept as most people these days at least play CoD or Fifa however I do enjoy their company other than Airsoft or work as we can talk about many other things.

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Gamer friends, those met in game and those met in real life are awesome! I have a couple of very close friends I met about 6 years ago on World of Warcraft (WoW) during building my guild for raiding. Since then I have met them in person many many times. I did a reading at their wedding (and cried yes!) and I have been told I am one of the family. It’s strange to think that a couple of people I met through a trade chat recruitment post would end up being my best friends and we would end up sharing so much of life together!!

Community is a huge part of gaming whether it is a small competitive team to a 25 man raid team all the way to a huge steam group we all build and interact with them in our gaming experiences. Now here is where it’s gonna get deep. When I was a young teenager I had some issues at school and ended up throwing myself into my WoW characters as a distraction. During this time I found a great guild and good few friends who used to enjoy my company and spending time with me; this was a huge pick me up I needed.

It wasn’t just my clique or guild that made me feel accepted and happy, doing my daily tasks on WoW I would find random people doing quests and other things out in the world and we would just get on and help each other out. At the time no matter where you went or who you came into people would always be friendly and willing to help, even if you struggled with the game they would be patient and take the time to help you learn. It was just great to have that!

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After a long time of just playing WoW I began to branch out to other platforms and games, expecting similar communities but boy was I shocked! Not all games were so friendly. Not long after this I ended up taking a break from gaming due to well unrelated reasons. Upon my return to gaming I found myself discovering things such as flaming. Now if you have read either of my previous articles you are aware I am not great or even good at most games, now if you’ve ever played a game badly you’ll know what I go through most games.

This really brings me to my final point in terms of community and friends. No I’m not going to start an anti-flaming or anti-toxicity in gaming campaigns as this is never going to change. All I want to say is bring a bit of community back find some friends give people a chance so what they mess up a few times I bet you even the best players in the world have at crucial moments. Just be kind to your fellow gamers, look after each other and for the love of all that is holy DO NOT STAND IN THE DAMN FIRE!!

Hope you are all well and happy.

Dom aka RevDeadso.

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