Diary of a bad gamer


So I suppose I should start by introducing myself briefly then we’ll get to the good stuff, I’m RevDeadso or Dom. I’ve been gaming since I was about 6, now you’d think that starting gaming at such a young age you would think I’d pick it up and be good at it or at the very least be round about average….I am not. Now don’t let this deter you as it doesn’t deter me I still complete games and persist playing. Now I feel that the world (or more aptly the internet) is missing the perspective on games of people who are worse than our average gamer.

Growing up I gamed with two different groups of friends, the guys who I’d played with nearly all my life and the guys I played with through school (6 years old to 16 years old). Now the guys through school we played anything on PS2/PS3/Xbox360 so this expectedly included split screen Halo, CoD, etc and now you can guess who was bottom of the leader board every time….ME! Now this bothered me a bit when I was younger but I learnt to just enjoy and it made for a better time for all of us.

Diary of a bad gamer

Now my friends I have gamed with and continue to on occasion are big PC players but we did use to play CoD:MW2 and Halo 3 a lot on Xbox360. Now as a group we tend to these days stick to a few games CS:GO, League of Legends and FIFA. To sum up the skill differences my two friends on CS:GO reached a highest rank of Distinguished master guardian I how ever reached a maximum rank of silver elite master. Little bit of a difference and then you get to League where they are usually floating around Gold 5 and Silver 2, there I am in
Bronze 5. Now I enjoy playing with and against my friends even though it will usually end with me losing or being “the worst” player on the team but I don’t let it get to me as I game for fun and winning is a bonus, because of this I enjoy very much playing indie games so I’m gonna be giving my opinion on some indie games and some other games mixed in as well.


My Articles

So with the articles and things I’ll be posting I’m mainly going to be focusing around role playing as I believe this is by far one of the funnest ways to play single player games. I’m going to be starting with a series of articles (which I was so excited about I’ve already written some of) on a Civ5 game because I love that game. I am also looking at a playthrough of Fallout 4 roleplaying with particular personality and a goal yet to be determined.

There’s more articles (one off’s) I’m likely to write as well with so many good games being released onto the market at the moment I won’t be able to resist it. This means amongst a series of articles running their course so starting with Civ5 and going from there the may be weird and wonderful things that pop up from me so keep an eye out.

Now with my running sDiary of a bad gamer - fallout4 starlighteries’ they will start with a single introduction which will cover what will be going on and how I intend to run the series it explaining each role as it’s laid out the planning and development as well as a brief review of the game itself. Now each series will be written in a different style as if a story is being told or an update on a developing situation; for example the Civ5 series is being written like a battle update every number of turns so that it will cover a number of turns for each player controlled civilisation almost like reporting to a leader or writing it in a history book. Whereas the Fallout 4 series could be written as an ongoing diary, for example when playing the game I’ll be making brief notes of what I’ve done and the date and writing a series of short diary entries per article.



Finally I hope you are interested in reading my articles and if it doesn’t sound like your thing I’d say give the first two of each series a go as they will all be different and one might just tickle your fancy (that’s what she said). I do hope that these are enjoyed by people as I think it could be a fun adventure to go on together and who knows maybe we can get interactive and you might be able to determine the demeanor and role of how I play some things, who knows.

Keep on gaming,

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    • May 22, 2016 at 9:22 pm

      At least I’m not the only one 🙂 I’m sure I’ll finally find my game one day Tim.


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