Diary of a Bad Gamer: The state of play

Diary of a Bad Gamer: The state of play

So I’ve not written in a while and found a couple of half finished currently irrelevant articles in my google drive and decided it was time to write something again. I’ve had a lot going on and have been a bit more into just hopping on a game for half an hour or so then to another rather than sticking to one enough to write something. I know this is no excuse but ah well I can get bored quite easily (probably explains all the unfinished articles.)

So I’ve been playing a lot of random games and have got a good feel for what I want to focus my next 2 or 3 articles on, these should last long enough for me to prep a big article and ongoing series to follow. So as a big in my own head role player I was thinking I will throw you some diary entry style articles so these will be for a survival game.

I’m not going to say what game as of yet because this may change between now (currently away seeing some friends) and getting home (will be before this article get posted so … yeah) either way it’s going to follow a survivor who is going to be fundamentally scared of his situation yet struggles on. Unlike unfinished and partly written articles the will be no introduction at all just article starting on day 1 of this guy’s journal. I hope to have it to you guys before the end of February so your patience will be appreciated.


But there is more…

So as this article is very boring and more me ranting than interesting I thought i’d drop a couple of paragraphs on you regarding my recent gaming mishaps and adventures.

So after not playing for over a year I have played some league of legends, which is a shock really considering I spent most of my time on that game being flamed by toxic players. Nonetheless I returned to the howling abyss and twisted tree line (still too scared to play summoners rift) the matches went really well first 3v3 I ended the game 27/0/2 which is pretty tasty. Now here’s the catch, upon further investigations the enemy team consisted of one player and 2 bots and so did my team and unfortunately for the other player I snowballed and farmed the bots resulting in me doing pretty well. I then played another match similar 2 days later, swiftly following this match I got into a full player team on both sides of the match playing a pretty guy with a big anchor (you know who I mean) and it went poorly I got carried so hard to a win I don’t think my feet ever touched the floor. So yeah after false hope I realised I’m still as bad as ever at league but ah well the games have been fun.

Bad gamer, cln gaming- image by Natty DreadBattlefield 1, image courtesy of Natty Dread

Another thing I have found myself doing recently is playing a load of Battlefield 1, I was always a massive fan of the old WW1 and WW2 shooters so was very happy for this game to come out. Now I’ve been playing it on both PC since release and PS4 since Christmas, I have kind of got to grips with it. Simply play medic and run round like a maniac healing and reviving for points!!! I’m not joking, on PC I mainly play medic and I am the rare unicorn reviver (we all know 80% of medics don’t do it, let’s not lie to ourselves) on PS4 however simply because after using a mouse and keyboard a controller sucks for aiming I play support mainly. So as you can imagine with my track history of games and FPS I can’t hit the wide side of a tank with a shotgun about 2 foot away. Saying that I have found that the more I’ve played the better I am at shooting people so suppose the is still hope yet.


Articles are coming!

Little cheeky game of thrones reference for you. So to sum up the should be more articles coming and I have improved a little but I will have some bad gamer diary entry articles ready soon-ish and you’ll be hearing a bit more from me. As always guys have fun out there in the crazy world of gaming!

Keep on gaming!


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