cLn Gaming Represents at Insomnia 57.

cLn Gaming at Insomnia 57

Rocket League Open – £3000

It was cLn.Gaming’s first foray in to competitive Rocket League and what a place to do it. In the main tournament at Insomnia 57. The Bracket they were drawn in to was incredibly tough and only 3 teams were able to progress out of the bracket. Hotly tipped TCA E-sports and Sector One Gaming were both in the same group as cLn Gaming.

Co-founders Raiden^ & ReTrY were joined by newcomer Sutro^ who hadn’t competed under the cLn Gaming name competitively since Insomnia 54 in Counter Strike GO. How well would the group make the transition? It’s not an easy one and the bracket didn’t help.

cLn Gaming Rocket League at I57 - Innsomnia 57 LAN

With a surprising turn of events cLn Gaming breezed past their first opponents with 3 wins out of 3. What a great confidence booster! It was however match 2 which turned the tables for cLn Gaming. The team we knew would be one of the more difficult opponents were on their game, and in the 5th and final game in our best of 5 series managed to squeeze past us with a 2-1 victory.

We were pretty much guaranteed to lose against the two favourites – which we did in resounding fashion. 10-0,9-1,9-0. Pretty one sided against Sector One. Oh yeah TCA Esports wasn’t too dissimilar: 10-0,11-0,9-1. GG. There were positives and although $#@%! were brushed aside with relative ease, another tricky clash vs Atlas saw cLn Gaming win the final best of 5 game to restore some pride in the overall result and made better reading for the overall league table.

cLn Gaming Rocket League at I57 - Innsomnia 57 LAN

cLn Gaming managed to finish 4th in the group narrowly missing out on the place to the next stage. The top two in the group were also the eventual finalists which shows how difficult the task was for the team. Great effort by everybody involved for what was a well mannered, well contested competition. A big shout out to the admins who helped to make this tournament run on time and smoothly (something which is not something we usually say!).


rocket league bracket - Insomnia 57

Rocket League bracket - Insomnia 57

To see the full groups breakdown then please find it on the Insomnia page here.

What else happened at Insomnia?

We were supposed to have a Heroes of the Storm team lined up and ready to compete. We even entered the main tournament. It was however, one of the competitors birthday, and it appeared as though the tournament was quickly forgotten about. Unfortuantely we had to draft in a random 5 to compete under our name. Needless to say they lost every single game – but thank you to all who competed!

A lot happened away from the competitive gaming scene however.

We are now 2x Insomnia Pub Quiz winners! We were able to win £500 in cash! We didn’t keep it to re-invest in our own company, our own talent. No. Dreval managed to persuade Wizzo (CEO of Multiplay) in to quadrupling our winnings to £2000 to give to the very deserving Special Effect charity which helps develop games for people of limited means. We were top by quite a margin as you can see here. For those wondering about the name – yes it is inappropriate, and yes at i58 it will also be inappropriate.

Here we are in our full glory enjoying what was a well deserved victory and what can only be described as a fun night, and a memorable one for all! … I say all… Dreval, Sutro and a few others decided to take to the after party with Syndicate where they bought 150 Jagerbombs which were consumed quickly and without any regard for the next day. Dreval was later found hugging a dirty public toilet bowl covered in vomit before eventually being taken to the medical room where he spent most of the night.

Here’s to the next one! If you see us at i58 then don’t be afraid to say hello!

pub quiz winners - Cln Gaming at Insomnia 57

cln gaming on the D floor at Insomnia 57

Founder & Director of cLn Gaming.

A history in competitive gaming in Counter Strike and Fifa.

I love games. They are nice. Here 2 win. @needorgreedgaming


Founder & Director of cLn Gaming. A history in competitive gaming in Counter Strike and Fifa. I love games. They are nice. Here 2 win. @needorgreedgaming

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