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I currently have two Clash of Clans accounts, one which is a new TH (Town Hall) level 8 and one which is a close to max TH9. I have been playing since September 2014 and have had a lot of fun with clan wars, farming and war events. Below I will go through some of the basics of the game.

TH9 base - Clash of Clans

My current TH9 base – layout found from the internet

Town Hall Tips

There are currently 11 TH levels with TH11 being the maximum. When you start your quest to become the greatest clasher, you will dive straight into the tutorial. This lasts a few minutes and during this time you will learn a few of the basics and also upgrade your TH to level 2. The advantage of upgrading your town hall is that it will unlock new and powerful defences. It will also increase the level cap on your current buildings allowing them to upgrade and increase current army space, unlock new and powerful units/upgrades or give extra defences to your base.

All of these things sound great! However they come with a price. Your TH level is what determines how much loot you can get from other players and how much loot other players can get from you. When you are TH7 for instance a TH8 can loot up to a maximum of 80% of your available loot and a TH9 can loot up to a maximum of 50% of the available loot from your base. This means when you upgrade your TH too fast your defence won’t be strong enough to defend against the higher town halls who will be attacking your base for the available loot.  Please see the loot table below.


Town Hall Level Difference Percentage of Loot Available
Same or higher level 100%
1 level lower 80%
2 levels lower 50%
3 levels lower 25%
4 or more levels lower 5%
Town Hall Levels—Loot Multiplier

Table gained from clash of clans wiki (This is also a great resource for those just starting out in Clash of Clans)

Not only this, every time you go to attack someone else each time you click the match making button it will come at a greater cost to your gold stash. Clan wars will become harder as you will find that you will end up going against players of a similar TH level who will likely be stronger than you. And you will be a less desirable player for experienced clans.

Based on the above downfall’s I always recommend upgrading all of your defensive and non defensive buildings as well as traps and laboratory upgrades before going to the next TH level. Your walls and heroes are important and I would max these fully before upgrading above th7 and th8.

Joining a Clan

Now of course Clans appears in the title (Clash of Clans, durr!) and are an integral part of making this a fun and enjoyable game. Your Clan Castle is one of the main buildings you can build and is available from TH3 and above for 10,000 gold. Once you have built your clan castle you can then join your first clan. Your clan castle can hold units starting out with 10 and going up to 35 when it reaches its maximum level of 6. Clans give you lots of perks depending on what level they are at. You can gain increased war loot, increased levels on troops donated/received, extra treasury storage and donation request wait time reduction.

Clash of Clans - Clan Castle

Once you are part of a clan you can also participate in clan wars. These start at 10 vs 10 right up to 50 vs 50 players. During the war you will have a 23 hour period of preparation where you can perfect your war base and make sure everyone has a full clan castle of strong and powerful units ready for the war day. War day will last 24 hours and during this time you will have 2 attacks to inflict as much damage to your opponents as possible. The game will automatically give you a recommended target however always ask if your clan is using clash caller or something similar to let people call bases to attack.

Finding your perfect clan will determine which type of player you wish to be. Some clans will focus only on wars and will war 24/7 and have requirements for you to participate in so many each month, however other clans will never war and will focus on only donating units to help each other farm for loot to gain the best base possible. There are also clans who will encourage farming while also have wars which aren’t compulsory. I personally like the more casual clan which does war however they are not compulsory, this gives plenty of chance to farm but also war for fun.

Attacking in Clash of Clans

When attacking someone’s base there are a total of 3 stars to gain. You can gain one when you destroy 50% of your opponent’s base, another star will be gained when you destroy your opponents TH and the 3rd and final star is gained when destroying 100% of your opponent’s base. These stars will play a part in several factors. One factor is when you are attacking through the match making button, the first 5 stars you gain will go towards a star bonus and depending on which league you are in will determine how much extra loot you will gain. Another factor is during clan wars and the final factor is to determine how many trophies you gain when attacking through the match making.


Trophies are gained when you attack through the matchmaking system. These will determine which league you will be placed in. When you are in the match making you will see how many trophies are being offered by your opponent. The example to the below shows that there are 30 trophies being offered from this base and 20 trophies if I was to lose to this base. If you get 1 star on this base you will get 10 trophies, 2 stars you will get 20 trophies, and 3 stars will give you the full 30 trophies.

Clash of Clans trophies

The first league you will join will be the bronze league when you reach the 400 trophy mark the final league to reach is the mighty Legend league. This top league is for players who reach a staggering 5000 trophies+. Each league will give you win bonuses if you win an attack while in that current league. This bonus is determined by how much of your enemy’s base you destroy. The higher your trophies go the more loot you gain per win however the harder your opponents will become.

What is Farming?

The basic concept of farming is to build a cheap army that costs a small amount of elixa and is fast to train. You will then use the match making system to find a base that is full of lots of lovely loot. Barbarians and Archers train the quickest out of the standard elixa units. When farming you should look for bases which have full collectors or full storages which are easy to get to. You can tell if a collector is full because the animation will show either gold or elixa filling the collector. The easiest one to tell if its full is from is the elixa collector because that will fill right to the top and if that is full you will get some good loot. Make sure not to forget the TH because this building also stores a % of the loot.

My current favourite farming army is barbarians, archers, giants and around 8 wall breakers. I will also take some spells as well normally 1 jump 2 heals and 1 rage however these numbers are based on a TH9 spell factory. I will cover farming in much more detail in a later post.


I strongly recommend when starting out in Clash of Clans to get into the habit of maxing everything possible in your base before upgrading to the next TH level. I further recommend you upgrade your clan castle as soon as possible to allow you the ability to go into a clan. You can normally find an early level clan within the global chat however it can take a little while to find a half way decent clan. Another alternative is to look into the reddit clan system and join a reddit clan. These can open up a whole network of clans. Once you have found a clan you are happy in then war and farm to your heart’s content.

Happy Clashing,


My name is Charles, I am one of the directors of cLn Gaming. I’m 25 and live in England. I have been playing games since i got my first PC at 9 and loved PC gaming ever since. Currently due to work and life i spend more time playing mobile games however i still enjoy a good session playing on my PC


My name is Charles, I am one of the directors of cLn Gaming. I'm 25 and live in England. I have been playing games since i got my first PC at 9 and loved PC gaming ever since. Currently due to work and life i spend more time playing mobile games however i still enjoy a good session playing on my PC

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