Arrow Mobile Game Review

Arrow (Available on IOS & Andriod.)

Arrow is a constantly flowing game using the touch feature on your mobile device. The game involves an arrow which is constantly angling towards the left, and with your touch (finger or thumb – your choice!) will force the arrow to angle towards the right. The game will generate walls in which you must navigate your snake like arrow through whilst collecting coloured gems. Each orange gem you collect adds on to the back of your Arrow to create a snake-like trail as well as adding on to your final score. Each purple gem you collect goes towards unlocking different backgrounds and different arrows.
Arrow mobile game review


The premise is easy and should be an easy game, much like Angry Birds where you tap the screen and the bird flaps again. The challenge comes in trying to time your touch and ensure the around makes it around the maze without touching the sides. Once your arrow hit’s the sides of a wall or the side of your phone screen then that’s game over and you must start again.


Arrow mobile game review


Although extremely challenging at first once you have the hang of it, it can become second nature with the only way you’re likely to lose will be a slight lapse in concentration or just out of boredom because you’ve been going for so long. Once you’ve unlocked everything and played around with different arrows and backgrounds it does lose its appeal. Yes having friends on the game centre to compete for a high score is always going to be this games saving grace, but once it has been mastered it will only be for toilet trips will this game ever get loaded up again.

This game survives on micro-transactions. You can purchase any amount of gems to unlock the game to have no advertisements running, these adverts can be annoying. (If you aren’t bothered about receiving messages or calls just flip your phone in to airplane mode to avoid seeing adverts)


Arrow mobile game review


This game is vibrant and fun whilst also offering an appealing variance on the much loved snake series. However the low skill ceiling is what will make you put this down. It’s worth a download for free, and for 10 minutes of your time there are worse things to do.

Arrow Mobile Game Review: The Verdict

2.5/5 worth a download for free, but keep your money when it comes to the micro-transactions.


Founder & Director of cLn Gaming.

A history in competitive gaming in Counter Strike and Fifa.

I love games. They are nice. Here 2 win. @needorgreedgaming


Founder & Director of cLn Gaming. A history in competitive gaming in Counter Strike and Fifa. I love games. They are nice. Here 2 win. @needorgreedgaming

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