Who are cLn Gaming?

cLn Gaming was established in 2011 (originally as Cheeky Little Nipple Gaming) to compete at Counter Strike Source  in the British run competition ‘Enemydown’ by founders Raiden^ & ReTrY. Although the team didn’t compete regularly at Counter Strike Source, the team has expanded to LAN event gaming and went from a small team of 6 people to what is now 20+ members. There are a variety of games played by members of the group is vast. We span across all console and PC gaming and have a wealth of knowledge with over 10+ years experience each in and around the professional / semi professional scene.

It all started in about 2003/4 when Raiden^ (Real name Josh) was online shopping for his fathers birthday present when he stumbled across a sale item for well known game called ‘Counter Strike: Source’. He didn’t care for buying anything else that day, and it arrived only a few days later. Although he had spent the last year playing Wolfenstein Enemy Territory almost none stop, there was something different about the lure of Counter Strike which eventually took on it’s own form. Through hard work Raiden^ was able to work his way in to a little known clan GpX – (3kliksphillips clan .. for those of you who don’t know who he is – Youtube him now!) it was here when Raiden^ had his first taste of competitive gaming, competing in leagues on different sites; Clanbase, Enemydown, esl for example. It was an early introduction to an already established scene, and he was able to meet a lot of weird and wonderful people whilst grinding his way up towards the top of the amateur leagues & ladders. After a success stint at GPX and ranking in the top 30 in ET, Raiden^ set up FoxHound.css and was able to (with the help of friends, big shout out to Smurf aka Tom SolidSnake aka Alex, GreyFox aka Vernon, Iceamo aka Charles) foxHound was the start of what later morphed in to cLn Gaming.

FoxHound.css tried extremely hard to compete in Counter Strike Source on a higher level. At it’s peak it was a top 20 Enemy Territory clan beating Killer instinct – who at the time were near the top of the ladder – It even had it’s own xippy website ! (remember those anyone?) Foxhound established itself to have a great reputation in the UK gaming scene. Unfortunately however it was all to crash and burn one summer after the recruitment of a foreign player (non uk). Having been recruited online he looked to be great addition to the team; active, skilled, fun to talk to – everything you would want in your gaming team – eventually he joined the roster and he began to play league teams with the rest of the squad. There was however one small problem.. In one of the clans biggest league games he turned on their hacks and that was that. The clans reputation was ruined and it very quickly folded.

A few years passed before Cheeky Little Nipple gaming was formed by Raiden^ with life long friend ReTrY (Dan). Although there wasn’t anything to shout about in terms of competitive play (everybody was very average), there was a new idea of starting a community. More than that. A home for everybody who had previously been shut out due to the narrow minded nature of the FoxHound clan before it. This NEW clan will be able to have a role for everybody now matter how serious or how casual they were. It’s when cLn made its debut at Insomnia 43 in Telford that the clan took on a whole new sense of meaning and purpose.

Picture is at the i43 post pub quiz party of the pint downing train competition where cLn had a few members happily involved.

The clan grew pretty quickly, thanks to the clans great attitude towards games and meeting new people, LiamoLuo and MrPopple were introduced to the group by SolidSnake – there were more additions when Dreval joined the group through ReTrY as well as his brother Ian and their small group of gamer friends too.

cln gaming clngaming2

cLn Today

The group is officially a company under the name of cLn Gaming. This happened in early 2015 between now clan directors Raiden^ & Iceamo with a view to turn the group in to a streaming community. Things started off extremely positively, websites were bought, Teamspeak servers, equipment such as webcams etc – all with the view to stream regularly on twitch.tv and upload our content to YouTube (cLn Gaming YouTube). Although it started out pretty strong, there was a huge problem for a lot of it’s members. The main one being that a lot of us didn’t have an internet connection good enough to stream. Those who could – did and for a good few months there was a strong sense of optimism. This however was something which wasn’t possible at this moment in the companys life (never say never!) and was – as a group – decided against the future development of this venture. That didn’t stop everybody attending the Insomnia Gaming festival however and eventually it has culminated in the Insomnia 56 world pub quiz winners – lead by captain nerd himself Dreval (Tim) who went on the main stage to answer the tie breaker question to help cLn Gaming win the pub quiz!


As it stands cLn has represented at every Insomnia since i43 and will continue in 2016 where it left off!

Should anyone want to know more – or have a more detailed look at cLn and it’s origins or more about Cheeky Little Nipple Gaming and all of it’s accomplishments then let us know and we can look back at some more old pictures and videos and share that with the world.

Our articles will cover different bases from reviews – how to guides – improve your game articles – and general pieces just to get something down about how amazing a certain game is, or how terrible something else is! You name it – we have it covered here at www.clngaming.com – we will grow, and hopefully earn our place amongst what is already an extremely competitive environment in article writing.

Watch this space however, because cLn has been written off many times and we just keep coming back stronger every single time.

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